Wiley-X available at Firequick Products!

We know that wild land firefighters face the toughest conditions in the fire industry when they are battling fierce wildfires. Firequick chose Wiley-X high-performance protective eyewear and gloves as perfect companions to our launchers and flares to help protect our users. Check out this video to see how, without heavy goggles, your eyes can be well protected from smoke and debris when in the field. When goggles are required, there is a nice line of those available also!

Every day, Firequick offers a 10% discount on Wiley-X products and right now we have limited quantities of discontinued sunglass models (still warrantied) that are offered at a 25% discount! While we have a limited number of Wiley items currently on this site, we will be expanding our offering soon. Visit throughout the season to see what’s new online and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch for our Wiley-X flash sales this sumer!