Our offices are open Monday thru Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm PT. If you have any questions please call the office on 760-377-5766 during these times.


Who can buy flares and launchers from Firequick Products?

You must be a professionally trained fire fighter, currently employed by a firefighting /land management agency in order to purchase the flares or launchers, which are considered restricted items. A buyer for restricted items must be qualified in our customer base before they can place their first order. Once qualified, you will be able to place future orders easily. Anyone can buy the Wiley-X or other accessory items.

How do I become a qualified buyer?

Call the Firequick office at 1-760-377-5766 or 1-855-FPI-FIRE. We need your name, phone number, email, current agency name, billing and shipping addresses. We do an internet check and if we can link you adequately to your current information, we can qualify you. If we are unable to meet the qualification criteria, we will require documentation of your training / certification (red card or similar) and may also need verification of your employment on the letterhead of your current agency.

Where can I get pricing information?

You can find the information on this website home page, under “About” and then “Documents”.  Likewise, you can call our office for a formal quote or to have a price list emailed to you. Keep in mind if you are ordering in bulk (10 or more launchers or cases of flares) you may qualify for a quantity discount. To obtain an accurate quote for bulk purchases, you must call the office.

Does Firequick have a Distributor?

Firequick does not use a Distributor. We manufacture and sell our products directly which helps keep the cost lower for our customers. We have a Sole Source letter available for download if you need it to support your purchased.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Usually, we maintain a good amount of stock during all times of the year and if placed by noon PST, your order will go out the same day.  If we are unable to ship the same day, we will give you a delivery estimate at the time of your request.  Keep in mind that Firequick flares and cartridges must ship as Dangerous Goods under CFR 49 and so deliveries requiring air shipment will be considerably more expensive than shipping via ground.

Can Firequick support me at my fire camp / incident management location?

In most cases, particularly on the west coast, Firequick will make emergency deliveries to your fire camp if requested. We charge a delivery fee based on the time and travel requirements unique to each situation.

I am having performance problems with my launcher, what should I do?

The best course, is to call our office and describe the problem so that we can best guide you. Most launcher glitches can be fixed quite easily.  If your launcher needs sent in for repair, please download the Launcher Repair Request form from this website and follow the instructions for sending your launcher in. If you are experiencing a problem with cartridge casings sticking in the cylinder after firing, please review the next two questions also.

Why are the cartridge casings so difficult to extract from my cylinder after firing?

If you are having occasional sticking problems, try first to remedy the issue by cleaning the bore holes on your cylinder; this can alleviate minor sticking. If you are having serious problems, particularly with the launcher II (orange handled pistol-style), we probably need to replace your cylinder with one that has been modified since your purchase. Some years back, the manufacturer of the cartridges release a large number of cases that contained over-pressured cartridges. These cartridges appear the same as they have for over 20 years so are difficult to distinguish by sight. When fired, they over expand and make it nearly impossible to eject the casings without damaging the cylinder pin. To remedy this, we had modified cylinders manufactured to correct the ejection issue, and as of June 2017, we issued a recall on the Launcher III cylinders to be replaced with no repair charge to the customer.  If you haven’t already, please send your launcher in to get a new cylinder!  To return your launcher, please download the Launcher Repair Request form from this website and follow the instructions.  Once sent in, we make every effort to get your launcher’s cylinder switched out, tested and returned within a few days

I still have problems getting cartridges to eject easily from the cylinder in my Launcher III.  What can I do?

If you are still experiencing cartridge ejection problems after you have had a modified cylinder installed by Firequick, it could be that you are operating in cold temperatures (below 55° F) and/or you are not using #6 Powers Fasteners.  We only recommend #6 Powers and the last remaining #6 Winchester cartridges, during normal use.  During cold weather, we recommend that you use the red #5 cartridges.

Can I use off-the-shelf cartridges in my launcher?

Most cartridges you can purchase off-the-shelf are not appropriate for a Firequick launcher. Those readily available in hardware stores are not of high-enough fire-power to either launcher or project the flares from the launcher. For a brief period, Firequick sold #6 Bluepoint cartridges. Please DO NOT use these cartridges!  If you have Bluepoint cartridges that you purchased from Firequick in the past, we will replace the remainder at no cost.  Call us with your invoice information and the amount that you have left.

Is it legal for me to ship a FQ Launcher?

Yes.  According to ATF, our launchers are designated as “non-firearms” therefore, you do not need a special license/certification to initiate a shipment of the launcher back to us for repairs. You can pack and send your launcher via USPS or common carrier.

Is it legal for me to ship FQ flares or cartridges back to Firequick or to another user?

Unless you are certified to ship hazardous materials and/or dangerous goods, the answer is “no”!  Flares and cartridges must be packaged/marked according to CFR 49 guidelines if shipped ground, and IATA guidelines, if shipped by air. If you are not a certified shipper, you can not legally sign the documents or offer dangerous goods for transportation by a carrier. Further, the carrier used must be certified.

Can you ship my order to my home address?

If your order contains restricted items (Flares, cartridges and launchers) we cannot send it to a residential address. Further, if you have changed your ship-to address after being qualified in our data base, we will need to re-qualify your customer information. This can be done quickly and easily and is to prevent the restricted goods from potentially getting into the wrong hands.

Does Firequick offer any training for their products?

Yes, we have a User Training Workbook available by hard copy, or digital download (go to the Accessories page). In addition, we are happy to assist on-site with your ignition devices training when requested. As non-firefighters, we do not attempt to train on burn operations, but do provide solid product safe use and handling training, including transportation, storage, destruction, etc. When appropriate, we bring demonstration devices, new products, etc. to the trainings to give your students hands-on experience with the line. Financial support for training requests is negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Please call the office if you would like to discuss the potential of support for your training class.