Firequick Conducts Field Testing of New Large Format Launcher

In final preparation for the release of its much-anticipated Large Format Launcher, Firequick Products accomplished final field testing operations with Cal Fire SLO in May at Camp Roberts. Many thanks to Louis Ermigarat, Fire Captain, and his crew for letting us piggy back on his ignition operations training effort so that we could conduct this vital testing.

The Large Format Launcher has been in development for over 2-years eliminating design challenges and achieving the performance characteristics necessary for the wild land firefighter. A huge hurdle was acquiring a non-firearm designation from ATF on this AR-15 based launcher. Congressman Kevin McCarthy ultimately got involved and helped solidify this certification for Firequick. The new launcher enables the user to deliver higher fire power 250-300’;a distance similar to the smaller Firequick Launcher III. We anticipate having the new launcher available for purchase before the end this fire season.