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All Firequick flares have an energetic initial jetting that sprays very hot material onto the desired fuel area.The flares burn at approximately 4000º F/ 2200º C and should only be used by trained firefighting professionals. A safety zone is called out for all flare products. Flares that exceed the intended shelf life of 3 years may burn more energetically and greater caution should be used by extending the safety zone an additional 100 feet / 30 meters.

The "Hotshot" Flare - A Launch only flare

The Hotshot flare is a mechanically launched remote ignition flare effective in light to medium fuels.This flare is  often used in prescribed fire operations to burn off vast grassy or high weed areas. A 4-second delay allows placement of the flare 300-325 feet (90-100 meters) from the launch point before ignition. This flare is to be launched only and is NEVER to be ignited by hand; serious injury may occur if hand-ignition is attempted. A #6 cartridge is recommended for firing.

NFES # 000371



The Hotshot flare comes packaged 10 to a box, with 40 boxes (400 flares) per case.

Flares must be purchased in minimum quantities of 1 box (10 flares). 


The "Stubby" - A Launch only flare
In May 2009 the Stubby flare design changed to a launch-only configuration.  Observe the markings on the cap to distinguish from older models.  The new launch-only Stubby is fired from the Firequick Dual Launcher II and III and packs more fire-power and demonstrates higher energy than the old dual-use flare.  This flare is a great choice for remote ignition in light to medium and even damp fuels.  Launch distance is 300-350 ft (90-107m) with a #6 cartridge used for firing.


The Stubby flare is packaged 12 to a box, with 25 boxes (300 flares) per case.

Flares must be purchased in minimum quantities of 1 box (12 flares).

NFES # 000687


The "Chubbie" - A hand thrown flare

The Chubbie is the newest addition to the Firequick flare family.  Lightweight, compact and extremely rugged, this baseball size flare is easy to carry and easy to throw.  The Chubbie exhibits high-performance ignition capability in a variety of fuels and proves the perfect partner to the Stubby and Big Shot flares.

Chubbie flares are packaged 75 flares per case.

NFES # 000690

The "Big Shot" - A hand-thrown flare

This robust flare is a hand-thow only configuration that is extremely effective in medium to heavy and  wet fuels. Burning material is sprayed up to 15 feet / 4.5 meters during initial jetting. This large and rugged flare is particularly good for tossing into deep culverts or other difficult terrain areas to safely start a fire without having to risk personnel hiking in.
Big Shot flares are packaged 50 flares per case. Flares may be purchased individually. 

A detailed User Training Workbook and training assistance is available to any professional firefighting organization desiring to use Firequick flare products.The training information provides valuable safe handling, transportation and storage techniques that every user should be aware of prior to using these systems. Refer to the Accessories page for more information.

NFES # 000299


Retired Flares

The FireQuick 2.5” flare was retired in 2005 when it’s replacement, the Big Shot flare was introduced. The older flare is 6.5” / 16.5 cm tall compared to the new Big Shot that stands 4.25 inches / 10.8 cm high. You may still find the old 2.5” configuration in the field.Flares that exceed the 3 year-shelf life should be recognized as a potential for unusually energetic behavior. Flares in this category should be disposed of by burning and not used for regular operations.



The Dual-Stubby flare has been discontinued effective May 2009. The dual-ignition component of this flare proved costly and the necessary bulk lessened the flare's overall performance.  Customer surveys indicated that the flare is launched approximately 80% of the time.  In order to decrease cost and increase performance we redesigned the Stubby as a launch-only flare and added the new "Chubbie" as a lightweight hand-throw option.  You can expect to see the Dual-Stubby in the field fro sometime.  It can be easily distinguished from the new Stubby by observing the marking on the flare's cap.

The original Stubby (Stubby I) flare which was a hand-throw only configuration was retired in approximately 2003 when the Dual Stubby (Stubby II) was introduced.The newer model Stubby has specific marking on its cap distinguishing it from the older version. Again, older flares may still exist in the field.It is important to note that these older flares were NOT designed to be used in ANY launcher system including the Firequick launcher. Use these flares in the hand-throw ignition format only


All users should adhere to proper use and safe handling techniques.  Detailed information is available in the User Training Workbook; available under "Accessories".  Only Firequick flares should be used in Firequick Launchers.  This manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any deviation from this directive.