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Training and Product Demonstration
Firequick Products, Inc. will support your S-234 ignition operations training, or other firing devices class by making or supporting presentations and conducting or supporting firing demonstrations. Inert flares can be procured for environments that are not conducive to burning.
You should be prepared to procure product to support your class.Travel and training fees are negotiable. Often new products may be available for demonstration.Call for the latest information when preparing for a training class. Please provide ample lead time prior to your class for a representative to be scheduled.
  24-Hour Emergency Service
Firequick Products, Inc. is prepared to offer emergency service including direct delivery to your fire camp.

Call Firequick Products, Inc. at 760-377-5766.  During non-business hours the phone message will provide additional emergency contact information.

Launcher repair and maintenance
  Firequick Launchers come with a one-year warranty. If you experience performance problems with your launcher you should return it to the manufacturer for repair. Attempting to repair the launcher yourself or utilizing an unauthorized repair shop will void your warranty.
Gunsmith's or other unauthorized repair shops are not able to obtain spare parts or to adequately test launchers for their intended purpose.  Use of such facilities may perpetrate a safety hazard with future use of your launcher.  Manufacturer assumes no liability and offers no warranty for such repairs.
Please use the following form for all launcher repair requests. Print the form, follow the instructions and include it with your shipment.

Effective January 1, 2011 all launcher repairs and returns must be directed only to the manufacturer.  Other entities are not authorized to act as agents for repairs or returns.

Customer Launcher Repair Form

Most launcher failures, even on launchers well beyond the warranty period are easily fixed and are often accomplished at no charge to the customer.  Call the manufacturer at 760-377-5766 if you have questions regarding a launcher return.