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      Firequick launchers are multi-round, 22-caliber modified starter pistols.  Extremely rugged compared to other launch devices, you can expect long-lasting, high performance use from these practical tools.The FireQuick product line currently includes three launcher systems, the Original Launcher (Launcher I), the Original Dual-launcher (Launcher II) and the newer Dual Launcher III.  These launchers allow the user to fire and place flares a safe distance away from the firing location.                                                    
Firequick launchers carry a one year warranty.With proper care and routine maintenance you should easily expect 5 to 6 years of useful life from your launcher.
All FireQuick launchers have been inspected and confirmed by The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as “not a firearm as defined in 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(3)”. This enables Firequick launchers to be used without any special permit or license enabling use by all types of fire crews. A copy of the ATF letters are available on the downloads page.
Although not a firearm, always exercise the same safety precautions with a FireQuick launcher that you would with a handgun. Detailed safety considerations are outlined in the Firequick User Training Workbook, which can be found on the Accessories Page.
Firequick Dual Launchers
Firequick Dual Launchers are capable of launching the Stubby flare, or with the simple addition of an adapter, the Hotshot flare.The ability to fire both flares provides versatility to the user in the field.The Hotshot flare is highly effective in grasses and lighter fuels, while the Stubby flare is effective in medium fuels and damp environments.  

Dual Launcher III

The Dual Launcher III is fresh off the line and orders are currently being taken for scheduled shipments.  Launching both the Hotshot and the Stubby flares, the Dual Launcher III's function and performance characteristics are very similar to the Dual Launcher II.  The Dual Launcher III has added design improvements including a 6 - round, 22 caliber swing out cylinder with a built in casing ejector that removes all spent round casings in one shot.  Additionally the trigger guard has been enlarged to more easily accommodate a gloved hand.  The safety-orange grips attest to the "non-firearm" designation of this high-performance fire fighting tool.
The Dual Launcher holster will accommodate the Dual Launcher III with the adapter conveniently housed in the holster's accessory pocket.

NFES # 000571

Please note:   A #5 (red) or #6 (purple) Winchester/Olin industrial load is recommended for the Dual Launcher III, please see the 'Accessories' page.  DO NOT use the #7 (grey) rounds as these will damage the Launcher III cylinder and may result in a costly repair.  Damage from use of the # 7 (grey) load is evident and will void your warranty for any applicable repair.

Dual Launcher II

The Dual Launcher comes with a cylinder and Barrel Adapter. A # 6 (purple) industrial load is recommended for use with this launcher. A # 5 (red) may be used with this launcher but will result in decrease in range.  A # 7 (grey) may be used but you may experience increased wear and potential cylinder jamming.

The Dual Launcher II is no longer manufactured or available for sale.


Original Firequick Launcher I

The original Firequick Launcher is no longer being manufactured, however there are a very limited number still available for sale. The Original Launcher fires the Hotshot flare only. A # 6 (purple) industrial load is recommended for use in the original launcher. 

The Original Launcher I is no longer manufactured or available for sale.


Firequick Products, Inc. will continue repair and maintenance support for all discontinued launchers as long as they are in the field and repair parts are available.  Please go to the downloads page for return instructions.